Smart, reactive lights for your ride

Beta Available Now.

Say Hello to the Amp

A smart lighting kit that helps you broadcast your intentions on the road.

The brains for smart lighting
F1 Inspired Brake Lights

Whether you're in crap weather or coming to a halt, the Amp pulses your brake light to let drivers know something is up.

Turn Sensitive Indicators

When you turn, the Amp senses your movement and throws on indicators.

Want to give advance warning? Use your smartwatch to control the lights.

Works with Your Gear

Keep your existing helmet, gloves, and wheels. There's no need to replace 'em with the Amp!

Find a compatible lighting kit and slap the Amp on your gear to make your own aesthetic.



hours of battery life*


addressable LED strip ports


customizable lighting modes

  • USB Type C
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Over the Air Updates
*Battery life estimated with 45 LEDs and a 2000 mAh battery. This will vary with number of LEDs and battery size.

Customize with Amp Mixer

Create your own light aesthetic with the iOS and Android app.

Remote Control

Manually control the light states and view the battery status of your Amp.

Custom Light Layouts

Mix up your own brake, indicator, and running lights layout to for each LED strip.

Share Your Amp

Want to share one Amp between your bicycle and longboard?

Load up a new profile or create your own in Mixer and you're on your way.

Customise your lights with Amp Mixer

Find a Kit For You

Build Your Own

  • Mix and match LED strips
  • Great for bags, jackets, or helmets
  • BETA available now

Longboards + E-skates

  • Front truck running lights
  • Motor mount brake lights
  • Deck running style lights
  • BETA available now


  • Handlebar running lights and indicators
  • Rear fender brake lights
  • Deck running style lights


  • Front fork lights
  • Rear fork lights

Stay in the Loop

Keep up to speed as we support new vehicles, form factors, and release new kits for the Amp.