Do It Yourself



The highly customizable brains for your smart lighting kit. Slap the Amp onto any vehicle, piece of clothing or device to give it motion sensitive brake, turn and headlights.

Let the Amp automatically control the lights or manually control them using gestures from your watch or the Amp Mixer app via Bluetooth Low Energy

Amp Beta


Li-ion Battery

Li-ion batteries are a compact, easy way to power your Amp.

A 2000mAh battery can power 45 LEDs for approximately 8-10 hours if used for running lights.

2000mAh Li-ion Battery


WS2812 LED Strips

Popularized as NeoPixels by Adafruit, these LED strips are individually addressable RGB strips that can be controlled by the Amp. Because you can product up to 16 million different color combinations, these LED strips are super versatile.

5 meters, 60 leds/m


1 meter, 60 leds/m


5 meters, 30 leds/m


1 meter, 30 leds/m


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